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About TAAp

About Us

TAAP was established in 1974 with the explicit purpose of raising Pakistan's flag at the world wide fora of travel related industry  to promote air travel among its citizens and to promote tourism in Pakistan by providing convenience to domestic and international tourists.
The Ad-hoc Committee successfully led the formulation of TAAP's constitution within the frame work of the Companies Act 1913. The Federal Ministry of Commerce approved the Memorandum & Articles of Association and issued the requisite license for TAAP to represent travel agents, tour operators, general sales agents in Pakistan and other travel related services. Its founding fathers elected an ad-hoc committee comprising of:

Maj. (R) Mohiuddin Alamgir - Travel express ltd.
Mr. Amanullah Khandwala - Aero Travel
Mr. M.H Dhala - Travelogue (oak) ltd
Mr. A.Qadir Khamisani - Khamisani Sons
Mr. S Ather Hussain - Travel Srvices ltd.
Mr. Hoshang D. Minwala - Gerry's Travel Agency Limited
Mr. Azam Khan - Arkays Travel Limited
Mr. Faruq Rasul Zar - Pak Travel Agency

It was in TAAP that the Tourism department found a ready and active ally and both worked hand-in-glove for the promotion of Pakistan's tourism in the international markets. TAAP published its first annual report in 1976-77 under the chairmanship of Mr. Ghulam Rabbani Butt, where Mr. Mahmud Ahmad was the Vice Chairman. Mr. Ashraf Liaquat Ali Khan was the Regional Chairman for Sindh and Balochistan while Mr. Shaukat Ali was the Regional Chairman for Punjab and NWFP. At that time, all 43 IATA licensed travel agencies were members of TAAP, with 31 members from Region A while the remaining from Region B.


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